Home Page 2 ICKWELL Page 3 Outside Ickwell page 6 links  Page 9 Contacts  page 7 PHOTOS NEWS page 13 Holidays Page 11 Games & Fun page 4 News page 5 Remedial & Special Needs Joy has now put her well known MS and ME yoga sessions on CD.  There are two lessons of about 30 minutes on each, £5 each including P&P.   If anyone needs a replacement  “Step by Step” we can probably oblige. 	     Click here Many teachers and members of the YfHF helped to form a new  and exciting organisation called the Yoga for Health and Education Trust.  Go to: http://www.yoga-health-education.org.uk/ 																									        	For link please click here

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UPDATED 12/09/16

Unfortunately, the plan to expand a special section for “Remedial and Special Needs” was not successful and will be removed at the next update.

HOWEVER see new course here

Also, to simplify updates, contact details for teachers (with any notes about special experience) will remain but specific locations and class times will not.

Always happy to update your entry and include specialist experience, and add new teachers.

Om Shanti

Ian & Joy


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